Saturday, January 16, 2016


 This year for Christmas vacation, Christian's parents took us all to Hawaii!  It was incredible!  Whenever I think about Hawaii, I think about my little brother, Jacob, breaking out into full voice singing on the airplane a song he made up, "We're going to Hawaii!!"  I'm hoping he'll record it one of these days :)
 The house we rented had a pool which was amazing!  The kids played there for hours every day while parents took turns napping with the toddlers.  Here we are cleaning it out on our second to last day there as it started smelling funny!
 We went to the ruins of the old king's castle!
 Every morning several of the adults went and watched the sunrise at Hanauma Bay and snorkeled for free!
 We hiked up to a light house (which wasn't there) but found this stunning view instead!  God made such a beautiful world!
 Here's the lighthouse we somehow missed!
 The sunset on our way down the mountain!
 We saw whales half-way up the hike!
 Matt and Caitlin and baby Owen did great!  Travelling with babies is so hard!
 The boys on the way up to the light house!
 We hiked up to a waterfall on another day (every day we would snorkel, hike, nap, and beach it! If we had energy--the first week we were all going to bed at 8 pm!--we would trade out babysitting and visit Waikiki and the Cheesecake factory or stay home and play games. It was wonderful!)
 We were so tired after reaching the falls!  After this we went and got sno cones!  They were heavenly!
 The kids had tons of energy!
 On our Anniversary--Happy 9 Years Christian!--we got to go on a walk along the beach without the kids.  I really did marry the best man I have ever met.  He never ceases to serve and amaze me.  When I was too sick in the hospital, he fed me ice chips and the next day he did everything the whole day and made me eat jello and stay in bed.  He really truly is the best person I know and I am so very grateful for him!  I love you Babe!
 Josh took these pictures of us on our walk!
 All the grandkids--sans Owen--on the log!
 31 weeks pregnant with number four!
 The boys were so tired they could sleep through anything--including brothers laying on top of each other!
 Christian and Austin on the boogie boards-did I mention how much I love that man?
 Tyson, Hyrum and Evan running from the waves on the beach!
 Keeping Austin afloat!
 Grandma Sandra and Neal! She taught him how to stay warm and enjoy the water!  She is amazing!
 Warming up on the sand!
 We went to the tidal pools one day and caught crabs!  Sandra tried to save a fish and it bit her!  It was sure fun to see the kids having so much fun and exploring the world around them!  It was a beautiful day!
 Here's the 22 of us!  It was a blast!
 How beautiful!
 Tyson and Austin making discoveries!
 Neal fell asleep in the car and Christian carried him all over these rocks!

 Austin and his mommy!
 We went to Teddy's Bigger Burgers one day and it was delicious!  Their shakes are to die for!
 It was just so much fun being all together!
 Christian and Russ helped to push a man on his motorcycle out of the parking lot.  It took a few tries but it sure added some excitement to the evening!
 The boys played so hard and slept so hard!
 Owen, Christian, and Grandma hanging out in the tent!
 Russell and Brielle and Clara digging a hole!  They made it to water!
 The sun and the sand and the waves were so relaxing and beautiful.  It was one of the most beautiful vacations we've ever had!
 Neal playing in the sand and Hanauma Bay!
 Me and Neal!
 Tyson buddy!
 The cousins did so well playing together!  It really was amazing!
 Evan, Tyson and Austin braving the waves at Kailua!  Kailua was the beach my family always vacationed at so it was so peaceful to reminisce.  No wonder I loved this beach so much!  It was beautiful to me still!
 Grandma Sandra and little Sammy!  She was always willing to help with the kids!
 Neal getting brave!
 One day we got to go and have dinner with my Uncle Paul and Aunt Carol!  It was so nice to catch up with them and see their beautiful house!  Uncle Paul custom made all the interior and Carol helped with the design.  They are simply amazing and gracious people.  I love them!
 Even waiting at the mall is more fun in Hawaii!  The older kids took free Ukulele lessons and Hula!
 The younger boys jumped off the rocks and played together!
 Tyson and Austin!
 Greg and Sandy were so kind to us the whole vacation.  Thank you so much for taking us here! It was such a beautiful time together!
 It was sad to say goodbye!
 The clouds were so cool!
 A few days after we got home, we had to go to Orange leaf.  I was recently diagnosed with Melanoma and had my surgery the next day to see if it had spread or not.  A week and a half in Hawaii and then my last meal at orange leaf sounded like the way to go if I had to go!  Thanks to family fasting and praying for me and by the grace of God, I woke up from the anesthesia!  We'll find out on Thursday if it has spread or not!
 Luckily they have a few flavors Neal can eat!  Next time we'll probably just get him a bowl full of candy!
 Here are our creations! They had a fill your bowl and only pay $4 so we filled them to the max!
 Happy New Year! We hope it is filled with a lot of joy and a lot of love and a lot of family!